The hike routes

Our donkeys have been trained to follow specific routes. For your safety and that of the donkeys you will be accomponied by a guide.

On turn every member of the group will be allowed to ride the donkey through the nature reservate.

All routes depart from our stables. The duration of the hikes might vary, depending on the weather and the pace of members of the group. We offer several routes. However it is possible to take your wishes in account. 

Our routes


On departure from the stables we will travel south to the grasslands. These grasslands contains a diversity of plants and insects (butterflies). After crossing the Dutselstraat we will follow a briddlepath towards the Chartreuzeberg (hilltop). At the top you can enjoy the view. Back north we will cross the oakforest of Wingevallei and pass some medowfields.


This hike will cross the forestgrounds. On departure we will pass the Uythemolen (windmill) and follow the grounds of the Winge. After passing the urban areas of Wingewijk, we will continue our hike north towards the medows and the Kloosterbroeck-forest. We will pass the forest and eventually arrive back at the stables.


This route is located southside of the Wijngaardberg. After following a small path downhill we will engage the climb towards the top. The donkey will guide you past medival wine-areas, an abandonned ironsandmines on a steep briddlepath. With luck you might spot the unique small lizards sunbathing on the stones or the gaspeldorn plant. At the top of the hill we will meet the wall of wine.

You can book our routes all year around. We also offer hikings during weekends or eveninghours. However wheather restriction may apply from oktober till march.