Ezelstoeterij "de Kwadenhoek"

Hiking with donkeys

You should have tried everything once in your life. This includes a hike with a donkey. Riding and hiking with donkeys is a unique way to experience the nature of the Belgium 'Hagelandse Vallei', locate near Rotselaar and Holsbeek (Only 30 km from Brussel).

The nature is protected as a reservate and is maintainted by guidelines approved by the Belgium goverment. Mainly volunteers keep the reservate waters and ground clean and create special hikingroutes and paths for our donkeys.

From the stables we will take a group of donkeys on a trip of several kilometers. During the trip you can ride the donkey. The route will take you through the nature-reservate of Kloosterbroeck or Dunbergbroeck. 


Belgium national broadcast channel (VRT) made a unique documentairy in 2007. 

(We well always get in contact with you to discuss your wishes and answer any questions)